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A rare Ferrari worth over £850,000 has been badly damaged in one of the UK's most expensive single-car crashes. The driver of the Ferrari F50 - one of just 349 ever made - is thought to have lost control of the car after entering a dual-carriageway.
15 hours ago
A Texan health worker who treated Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan before he died is also infected with the virus, according to a preliminary test.
12 days ago
Fatal motorcycle accidents in parts of rural Wales have increased dramatically compared with last year, figures show.
12 days ago
A motorist pretending to be a policeman pulled over a real officer for speeding, a court has heard. Jonathan Weekes, 48, of Tredegar, put a blue flashing light on top of his Vauxhall Insignia as part of the ruse.
12 days ago
A 30-YEAR-old man tragically killed on the A48 last night is believed to be from Llanelli. The man, who is understood to have been walking along the eastbound carriageway, was pronounced dead at the scene.
14 days ago
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