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I never knew there was such thing, but I guess there is. The funny thing is, I know a few crazy people and their name just happens to be on the list! Haha. What’s even funnier is my name made #14. That makes total sense! Have fun and see if your ex, friend, or maybe mother-in-law made the cut!
Being Welsh is a privilege, right. And these men and women certainly knows it ...
Violent dad who broke his baby girl's back, neck and legs sentenced to 12 years behind bars. The man admitted causing multiple fractures to his baby daughter but denied intent to cause serious harm. A jury took ninety minutes to find him guilty.
Thousands of shoppers are expected to descend on stores and get clicking online as they hunt out a bargain.
Two studies show you could save money buying a new car rather than a second-hand one – this is what you need to consider
13 days ago
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