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Latest News
Tests link accessories with potentially deadly chemicals Fears retailers are flouting regulations by selling imported bands with 500 TIMES the legal level of toxins Hundreds of thousands of imported loom band products could contain cancer-causing chemicals, researchers have warned.
11 days ago
PARC Trostre has been sold for £156 million, but the new buyer has confirmed there are no current plans to expand. M&G Real Estate has today announce its buy out of Parc Trostre, Llanelli for £156 million. This, it says, reflects a net initial yield of 5.07 per cent. The sale is the first time the park has changed hands since its early development in 1988.
17 days ago
GOOGLE is looking at ways to build ultrafast fibre optic networks across British cities, in a move that would add to pressure on BT to further upgrade its ageing infrastructure.
18 days ago
Heavy rain and high winds have begun to hit England and Wales as the remains of what was Hurricane Bertha reaches the country.
19 days ago
Running from the authorities will be harder than ever thanks to new McLaren
27 days ago
A PHOTOGRAPHER took this shot of a giant barrel jellyfish that was on Ferryside beach.
58 days ago