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Have you seen Amber Khan? South Wales Police appeal for information following the 14-year-old's disappearance
5 days ago
Doorman was stabbed in the stomach at high-profile Cardiff nightspot after rap gig. The incident followed a show by the notorious UK rap star Giggs at city nightspot DC
5 days ago
Dozens fined every day for speeding in Wales, as figures reveal massive hike in speed camera tickets since 2010
18 days ago
Where you can see This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield today as Text Santa takes over ITV
18 days ago
I never knew there was such thing, but I guess there is. The funny thing is, I know a few crazy people and their name just happens to be on the list! Haha. What’s even funnier is my name made #14. That makes total sense! Have fun and see if your ex, friend, or maybe mother-in-law made the cut!
22 days ago
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