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Giant spiders are invading homes in wales as weather keeps getting hotter
12 hours ago
Orange and pink coloured apples to hit the shelves in UK supermarkets. The unusual breed of apple, which has orange skin and pink flesh, will go on sale at 120 Tesco stores across the UK tomorrow at a cost of £1.75 for a pack of four
3 days ago
Met Office forecasters predict the good weather will continue until after next weekend
11 days ago
Car tax disc: When will the paper car tax disc stop? How do I tax my car? What if I've just bought a car tax disc? The tax itself hasn't been abolished, so find out everything you need to know about changes to how you pay your car tax
21 days ago
Tests link accessories with potentially deadly chemicals Fears retailers are flouting regulations by selling imported bands with 500 TIMES the legal level of toxins Hundreds of thousands of imported loom band products could contain cancer-causing chemicals, researchers have warned.
32 days ago
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